Grow your business using data and machine learning

Peak’s pioneering approach to data analytics is designed to give every business the ability to compete and win in the Data Economy. Provided through a unique subscription model, our service enables any data set from any business to be streamed into our powerful analytics machine, with hands-on support and interpretation from the bright sparks who built it.


How we do it


The Peak service is underpinned by our artificial intelligence platform built on machine learning and deep learning technologies. It automates the implementation process, generates insight and guides business decision making.




First, we hook up your systems to our data machine, streaming all your data into one place – and we mean all of it.


Next, we set our machine to work, making sense of your data and creating a data model of your business.


As results come through, we visualise them so you can understand and interact with your data.


Talk to our experts

Peak gives your business the opportunity to grow quickly, efficiently and continuously, using data that you already have. 

All it takes is a quick chat with one of our experts to help you understand the limitless opportunities for growing and optimising your business using data analytics.